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3 ways to design a world-class customer experience like Steve Jobs & Apple


The online purchase process. The unboxing. The in-store onboarding. No one does customer experience (CX) like Apple.

There’s a reason for that. Steve Jobs prioritized customer experience like no one or no company had ever done.

Collabo XD teaches organizations like yours to treat their customers like royalty and in turn, increase retention and revenue.

Below, we break down 3 things you can learn from Apple’s paradigm-shattering customer experience.

1. Start with the customer & work backwards to your products/services

Priority #1.

Before anything else, you need to solve your customers’ problems. And you can’t do that without going directly to them.

Ultimately, business isn’t about …

  • Fulfilling your passion
  • Building your hobby
  • Loving what you do

Business is about solving problems. Companies can’t expect to have loyal customers or turn a profit if they’re not solving the root problem for and with their customers.


2. Service design & customer journey mapping aren’t a one-and-done deal

Want to survey your customers once a year and call it good? Think again.

Just as the world changes every day, your customer does too. Their problems shift and bend and twist and shout.

Like Steve said, you can’t run an annual survey and get all the information you need to create killer products and services.

Let alone any loyalty. Forget about it!

Customer experience audits are continual. And when you start to do your research, don’t solely rely on surveys. Their feelings about you aren’t quantifiable.

Here are 3 more tips to get great customer feedback:

  1. Untech the customer journey
  2. Avoid confirmation bias like the plague
  3. Outsource your primary research to a third party

3. Be the best in your category

Apple didn’t become the richest company in the world by accident.

Steve Jobs devoted his life to building the best computers and phones possible.

Providing a world-class experience is just one piece of the pie. Your products and services must live up to their promise and solve customers’ root problem.

Without the delivery of high quality goods, don’t expect your customers to stick around very long.

So how do you create a world-class customer experience like Steve Jobs and the Cupertino crew?

  1. Start with the customer’s problem and design your products and services to solve that problem.
  2. Continually update your experience and services for your changing customer.
  3. Deliver on your promise. Give your customers the highest quality product.

Collabo XD helps organizations of all sizes figure out what their customers think about them. And how they can better serve them. Reach out to us.



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