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Who we are

The most impactful, lasting change comes when we make real connections with others—how connected are you to the people who drive your business?

Let us be your team of designers, facilitators, researchers, and strategists who have a passion for improving human experiences. Collabo XD is an Indianapolis-based service design firm specializing in qualitative research and experience design. We’re a female, minority-owned business helping clients across industry sectors in healthcare, engineering, non-profits, education, and more. Our team of exceptional researchers, strategic thinkers, and designers provide clients with the actionable insights they need  to plan for future success. 

Founded on the value of human-centered design, we believe every person is an expert. Your customers are the experts of their own experience, your employees are the experts of their experience (as well as their technical roles). You are the expert of your own experience.

No one knows what you’re feeling or thinking better than you. This is why we believe every person has the ability to identify challenges, create innovative solutions, and bring about meaningful change. We help you unleash this potential through comprehensive customer research and strategic planning to deliver the best customer experience. We’ve successfully led over hundreds of projects leveraging people-centered design in a wide-range of contexts from patient experience, to employee experience, to student experience, and of course customer and brand experience.


How we work

We use our unique participatory approach to understand you as well as your customers—and we’re constantly adapting to meet your needs. We shape meetings, research methods, insights, presentations, strategy documents, and correspondence relative to your challenges and your organization’s M.O.

We define research objectives and methodologies to outline a strategic framework for guiding data collection and analysis.

We recruit representative participants and interview each of them to learn more about their experiences.

Our team analyzes and synthesizes the collected findings to identify patterns, themes, and key insights.

We generate actionable insights and recommendations to help inform decision-making processes, product or service improvements, or strategy development.

Collabo XD prepares a comprehensive report or presentation summarizing the research process, key findings, insights, and recommendations.



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