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Better Community Input

Want better input from your community members? Write better prompts. 

Ever been in a community meeting or brainstorm that felt chaotic or unproductive? Ever felt like you weren’t getting the kinds of responses you were hoping for? 

Yep, been there… and there. 

During one of our in-person, lunch & learns focused on driving community engagement by design, an attendee asked a fantastic question based off a brainstorming activity we just ran through.

Here’s what she asked: 

“As a facilitator, do you have an idea of what kind of answers you’re looking for before you do an activity with community members?”  

Interesting question, isn’t it?

Essentially, she was wondering about what you do when people’s responses seem, well… off-base. 

When you’re engaging with diverse communities, you’re gonna get some diverse answers, am I right? 

So, what are your thoughts on this? 

As a facilitator or community convener, should you have more control over the kind of responses you’re looking for? Yes or no? 

Surprise, surprise… our answer was “yes and no.” (btw, if you didn’t know yet, we’re all about the “yes, and…” Stay tuned for a design and improv episode!)

To discover why, check out this week’s #CollaboClip and hear our response along with some simple tips for creating better prompts for your next community brainstorming engagement.

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Thanks for watching. And remember, the only way to design a better world is together.

So, let’s design better together.

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