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Stop losing customers: Use AI to increase loyalty (and revenue)
It's an exciting time to be in customer experience. There’s no doubt about that.Artificial Intelligence – in the form of[...]
An open letter to the CEOs killing their companies
Dear CEOs, You've seen the recent push in Silicon Valley to make the work experience less about the humans who[...]
The remote employee experience: A path to 21% more profit or a road to ruin?
In 2020 did you go remote? What were the consequences? How did your employees and company perform during that time?[...]
What the heck does “business sense” even mean? A bulletproof framework for human-first leaders
We’ve all heard the phrase “It makes good business sense.” But there’s clearly more than what meets the eye. What[...]
Become a smart city overnight: 4 proven ways to connect with your citizens & improve quality of life in your town
Think service design only works for big corporations? Think again. Service design is a way for cities, towns and municipalities[...]
Why we changed our name to Collabo XD
It’s time to address the elephant in the room: Collabo Creative is now Collabo XD. What’s changing? Apart from our[...]
70% of change efforts fail: Steal the 5-point system the successful 30% use
70% of change efforts fail. Are the alarm bells going off? They should be. This statistic is abysmal. Whether it's[...]
Bookmark this for the future: 5 ways AI will improve the employee experience
Forget every horror movie that plots bots against humans. We’ve reined in technology to leverage all the amazing benefits of[...]
3 Service Principles to Use in Your Customer-Centric Design
All companies know, to some extent, how to deliver a service that is deemed satisfactory by most customers. However, what sets[...]
Debunk these 5 myths about journey mapping & unlock 100% customer retention
Have you ever wondered what your customers really think about you? Chances are – You have an idea of what[...]
Kill two birds with one stone: 2 ways Simon Sinek suggests your employee experience impacts your customer experience
Do you handle customer experience and employee experience separately? Do you have separate teams dedicated to perfecting each? Yet they[...]
The change management manifesto: How to communicate change to employees & customers
Change is constant. In the market, within your team, even in the homes of your people. Your ability to communicate[...]
No more churn! 3 tools to revolutionize your customer experience & increase their loyalty
68% of customers don’t buy more products from a company because they think the company doesn’t care about them. Compared[...]
3 moments that make or break the employee experience (Most ignore #3)
You’re stunned. Your top employee just filed their two week’s notice. “What happened? I thought they loved working here.” Most[...]
3 ways to design a world-class customer experience like Steve Jobs & Apple
The online purchase process. The unboxing. The in-store onboarding. No one does customer experience (CX) like Apple.There’s a reason for[...]
Turnover is a monster: Who’s in charge of retaining top talent in your organization?
If you didn’t consider employee experience and retention important before reading this article, you sure will afterward. At Collabo XD,[...]
The 5 causes of disastrous customer experiences (& how to avoid them)
Hero to zero: A poor customer experience will bring your company crumbling down. Quickly. Take it from … Barnes &[...]
Do this 1 thing to avoid a flop & go to market with confidence
Thousands of dollars and years of your life down the drain. Don’t let your next product launch go to waste.[...]
HR leaders: 2 ways “quiet quitting” should make you rethink your employee experience
“Quiet quitting.” As a people leader, do these words make you shiver? You’ve heard the term. But have you done[...]
Past vs. present: How the customer experience died with technology (& how to bring it back from the dead)
Is it too late to save the modern customer experience? Or have we gone too far automating the human out[...]
A year later: 3 timeless employee experience lessons from Better.com’s Zoom layoff
December 6, 2021. A day that will live in infamy for 900 Better.com employees laid off in a Zoom call.[...]
The #1 most important (& rare) leadership trait needed to guide your team through the recession
Most leadership development programs are a waste of time. What executives and managers should focus on is the #1 most[...]
Prioritize customer experience or employee experience? The world’s best companies reveal a secret
Where do you put your resources? In improving your customer experience? Or helping your employees live better personal and professional[...]
Brainstorming Ideas For When You Feel Completely Stuck
As our name accurately describes, we love creativity. We believe that creative problem-solving and collaborative teams are the keys to[...]
How Can a Leader Build Relationships With Employees?
When we hear the word “relationship” the first thing we usually think of is a romantic or friendly partnership. We[...]
Why Marketing Insights Are Relevant for a Better Customer Experience?
Customer experience is essentially the impression your customers leave with after they interact with your business. The way you interact[...]
5 Customer Service Principles to Abide By
The last few years have presented businesses with many challenges to overcome. It is not surprising then that delivering quality[...]
Retaining Mid-level Employees: Engagement Beyond the Onboarding Experience
As an employer, you know that the first year is a critical time for engaging and retaining new employees.You may[...]
3 Steps to Reduce Churn, Retain Paying Customers, and Multiply Your Revenue
Churn can cost you millions of dollars. Imagine not doing anything to stop the bleeding. Collabo XD has helped massive[...]
Stop Sending Surveys: 3 Tips to Get Better Feedback & Improve Your Customer Experience
Throw out the surveys. Are your customer feelings quantifiable? No. Then why do leaders insist on gauging them with numbers.[...]
What Is the Meaning of Transparency in Business?
We believe that sustainable business relationships are built on trust. It represents a solid foundation on which to grow. It[...]
How to Redesign Your Customer Experience
Customers and, more importantly, repeat customers are what sustain a business. So, it stands to reason that the main preoccupation[...]
How Important Is the Employee Onboarding Journey to New Hires?
The last couple of years have seen a lot of changes on a global scale. We have crossed a lot[...]
Do Customer Satisfaction and Retention Complement Each Other?
Businesses are obsessed with leads. They tend to forget that getting customers to buy from you once is simply not[...]
Customer Experience Management — Why Should Businesses Care About It?
In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, competing on price alone is no longer enough. Companies also need to think about other[...]
How to Rebuild Trust and Reputation with a Customer
We build our businesses the best we can, providing the best possible service. Every interaction with a customer is an[...]
The Surprising Reason Why Customers Leave (and What to Do About It)
Have you ever wondered why customers leave you for a competitor? In fact, most businesses overlook this key reason why[...]
Customer Lifecycle vs Customer Journey — Is One More Important Than the Other?
Due to their sheer number and diversity, marketing concepts can be pretty confusing. Customer lifecycle and customer journey are no[...]
4 Signs You Need to Implement a Listening Program
When you run your own business, you do a lot of “telling.” You tell potential customers about your products and[...]
Employee Journey Map: A Path to Employee Retention
As a business owner, do you truly understand how your employees experience your company’s policies, processes, and culture? Ask yourself[...]
What Is the Impact of Customer Centricity in Today’s Business World
In the world we live in today, customers have unprecedented power over the survival of a business. Customers, of course,[...]
How Do We Create Satisfying Communication
What do volunteers, workers and students all want from the organizations that lead them? Do they want better management? Higher[...]
What Are the Core Principles of Service Design?
Service design — this is what we will discuss in this article. Why is it so important, what stands at[...]
How Can Company Culture Affect Employee Motivation?
Did you know that your core values are key factors when it comes to your business management? That’s right. An[...]
Understanding the Needs of a Creative Team
No one can deny that today’s business environment is highly competitive. Therefore, creating your niche in these circumstances can be[...]
Understanding the Needs of a Finance Team
It would be no exaggeration to say that the finance department is at the heart of a business. With responsibilities[...]
Understanding the Needs of an R&D Team
Image credit: Unsplash In the fast-paced world we live in today, having an insular research & development (R&D) department is[...]
Understanding the Needs of a Design Team
A vital aspect of any organization, big or small, is the department tasked with projecting the company’s image to the[...]
Understanding the Needs of a Marketing Team
Without marketing, a business is less likely to succeed in our day and age. Marketing teams are essential, as they[...]
Understanding the Needs of a Customer Care Team
In a successful business, all employees should have as their main goal to keep the customer satisfied with the services[...]
Understanding Customer Experience and the Role of a CX Team
Customer experience (CX) can be described as the impression made upon a customer by each of their interactions with a[...]
How to Prepare for a Stakeholder Meeting
We spend many of our working hours in meetings and, even if not all of them end up being productive,[...]
Six Things To Include In Your Journey Map
To provide the best services and a great customer experience, we need to understand the needs of the customers. But[...]
Tips For Recruiting The Right Cultural Fit
Let’s start by exercising your imagination. It’s early morning; you feel the crisp air carrying a delicious smell of freshly[...]
How To Use Design Thinking In Your Meetings
Meetings are an important part of teamwork, especially now, as we spend much less time on social interactions. But if[...]
Essential Qualities of An Agile Leader
When it comes to employee engagement, leadership plays a crucial role. Managers are the number one cause of stress and[...]
How to Design Your Company’s Story Creatively
In today’s competitive market, an authentic brand story can help your business to stand out. Especially in the overcrowded online[...]
How to Show a Human Approach Towards Your Customers
Every exchange with the customers creates an experience. If they have memorable interactions, the customers are more likely to develop[...]
How To Keep A Positive Company Culture Remotely
The business world is a living organism. As things evolve both in the outside world and in the marketplace, companies[...]
Why Is It Important To Build Organizational Resilience
The business world is a living organism. As things evolve both in the outside world and in the marketplace, companies[...]
5 Ways to Learn About a Company’s Culture
Cultural fit is one of the top make-or-break considerations when rejecting applicants and workers claim that the reason for leaving[...]
3 Ways To Gain The Trust Of Your Customers
All relationships in an organization have to be built on trust. It’s the only way to build an organization in[...]
10 Practical Exercises to Help You Organize and Plan
Sometimes, keeping organized is all that stands in the way of your happiness and productivity. We have the means to[...]
How to Host an Engaging Remote Training
Trainings are an essential part of a business. Whether you are preparing new hires or educating your experienced employees in[...]
How to Create a High-Performance Company Culture?
Managing the performance of your employees is an essential part of good leadership. How you manage, shapes your company's culture.Multiple[...]
How Company Culture Impacts Customer Experience
Definition of culture: the actions, behaviors, beliefs, and values that distinguish one group of people from anotherWhat does your team[...]
How Creativity Can Help Get You the Results You’re Looking For
As we continue our stay-at-home orders, we can't help but notice how others are thinking outside the box to change[...]
How to Gain Trust with your Customers
Given the current state we're in with continuing stay-at-home orders in Indy, we thought it might be a good time to[...]
Stay Connected During Quarantine
How are you staying connected with friends and loved ones during self isolation?We're human. We're social.​It's not easy staying isolated[...]
How to Practice Gratitude During Quarantine
Are you wondering how to stay healthy physically and mentally while practicing social distancing?   Some of you may be[...]
Simple Tips to Improve Your Well-Being During Quarantine
Are you wondering how to stay healthy physically and mentally while practicing social distancing?  Some of you may be feeling[...]
COVID-19: How will you overcome adversity?
Everyone’s telling us that these are unprecedented times. And to some extent, maybe they are and... maybe they’re not. As a[...]
Here’s a list of the Top 10 Obstacles People Face in the Workplace
Nobody's workplace is perfect. Here's a list of the top ten obstacles people deal with at work. Sound familiar?  1.[...]
How do you deal with Difficult People?
At Collabo, we're all about inclusivity and empathy for others. We love our people! As many of us know, some[...]
Solve Your Problems By Drawing Them Out
Have you ever felt like you've been too quick to judge a situation? Or maybe you've been presented with a[...]
What to do with data
Ever felt like you're drowning in data? Seems like everything's being tracked nowadays, from footsteps to net promoter scores. There's an[...]
What Makes The Best Facilitator?
Your boss just told you that your team is gonna launch a new amazing product with an awesome new partner![...]
Need more buy-in? Flip your challenges into opportunities.
Have you ever had to be the bearer of bad news?​Sucks, doesn’t it? No one really wants to be the messenger[...]
Make Your Meetings Count With These Simple Tricks
If you work on a team, meetings are unavoidable. Some can be great, and some.. not so great. Let's talk[...]
How to Understand Your Customers Better
Did you know understanding your customer can help improve your business?Of course, we all know that understanding clients helps improve[...]
Terri and Niki’s Books to Read This 2020
Need some reading recommendations for 2020 that will help you shift into a designer mindset? We are always scrolling through[...]
The Secret Weapon For Making Boring Meetings Enjoyable
It’s Wednesday, and we are at it again with another episode of #CollaboClips! This week, we have a new host..Terri is[...]
Focusing On Feelings To Stay Motivated
Focusing on Feelings to Stay MotivatedCollabo Clips — Episode 23It's the third Wednesday of the new year. Hope your 2020[...]
Shift Your Mindset And Stay Motivated This 2020
Shift Your Mindset To Stay Motivated For Those 2020 GoalsCollabo Clips — Episode 22We made it a week into 2020.[...]
Get Your 2020 Started Off Right
Get Your 2020 Started Off Right Collabo Clips — Episode 21 Well, 2019 has come and gone.. that sure went[...]
Creative Games That Make Great Gifts!
Creative Games That Make Great Gifts Collabo Clips — Episode 19 Need a last minute creative gift idea that you[...]
Understand Your Customer’s Journey
Understand Your Customer's Journey Collabo Clips — Episode 18 This week we're dropping an episode on maps. Customer Journey Maps[...]
Tapping Into Your Inclusive Mindset
Tapping Into Your Inclusive Mindset Collabo Clips — Episode 17 Do you ever feel like your workplace isn't as inclusive[...]
Discover your potential and get into growth mindset
Shift Your Mindset From Fixed To Growth Collabo Clips — Episode 15Featuring: Sara Armstrong with Idea of You Coaching "Circle[...]
Destress your life and boost creativity through curiosity
"Circle the one that doesn't belong"... Gee, that seems a little judgmental. Can you remember that learning activity from early[...]
Tap into your action mindset
How to overcome fear and get to action now! Collabo Clips — Episode 14Featuring: Sara Armstrong with Idea of You CoachingHave[...]
Be more innovative using your designerly mindset
Need to be more innovative? Just change your mindsetCollabo Clips — Episode 13Ever feel like you're constantly putting out fires[...]
Using Mindfulness To Strengthen Creativity
The easiest way to be more creative Collabo Clips — Episode 12 Have you ever been "hangry"? You know, hungry[...]
Where Does Your Creativity Come From?
Where Does Your Creativity Come From? Picture this: You're bouncing ideas back and forth with your team when suddenly the[...]
How To Get More Out Of Team Brainstorms
Imagine you're in a brainstorm with your team to come up with a way to solve a problem. Have you[...]
How Service Design Impacts Healthcare
How Service Design Impacts Healthcare An interview with Stephanie Adams Do you work in healthcare? Have you been wondering how[...]
What’s this whole “creativity” thing all about?
Have you been hearing a lot about Creativity lately? Maybe you're wondering if you're creative enough? Or, perhaps you're worried[...]
What is Design Thinking?
Do you ever find yourself getting stuck trying to work out a problem? Or do you feel like it takes[...]
Why Service Design
Why Service Design is SO important for your businessDo you ever find yourself going to the same store over and[...]
What is Service Design
Service... what? Service Design? What's that? How do you eat it?  ​Have you been wondering the same thing? Okay, okay, so[...]
Get more community participation in your programs
Have you ever created events, meetings, initiatives or programs in the past that didn’t quite get the turn out you[...]
Better Community Input
Want better input from your community members? Write better prompts. Ever been in a community meeting or brainstorm that felt chaotic[...]
How to get the most out of your community meetings
Have you ever been to one of those meetings where you just couldn't wait to get out of there?  So[...]
One thing you need to do before planning any community engagement initiative
The one thing you need to do before planning any kind of community engagement initiative Have you struggled with getting[...]
Catching Up With Graduate Of Design Thinking Everyday Workshop
Erica Shonkwiler, M.B.A., CMP, is a lecturer in the Department of Tourism, Event, and Sport Management at IUPUI. She attended[...]
Patient Journey Mapping is a Path to Better Patient Care
You're up to date on HCAHPS, but do you know what patients are saying about you on Yelp? You’ve been on[...]
Change Your Life in 2019
Change Your Life 2019We’re always iterating at Collabo Creative, and we’re always looking for more and better ways to work[...]
One Intern’s View of How Collabo Walks the Talk
One Intern's View on How Collabo Walks the TalkWe believe in helping develop the design community in Indianapolis. One of[...]
Label Your Data, Not Your People
As strong believers in the process of co-design, we often find ourselves balancing different perspectives, communication styles, and temperaments as[...]
Where to Start with Design Thinking Reads
During our last Collabo Book Club, Ali (our fantastic visual experience designer) asked us, "Which design books would you recommend[...]
The Design Thinking Mindset
Once a week at Collabo, we hold our own in-house collaborative sessions called “Design Better Together (DBT) Thursdays.” You may[...]

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