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Destress your life and boost creativity through curiosity

“Circle the one that doesn’t belong”… Gee, that seems a little judgmental.

Can you remember that learning activity from early elementary school? You know, the one where you were shown a group of 3-5 similar objects that all had something in common, except one of the objects didn’t quite fit in? This is an example of one of the many things we’ve been taught at an early age that encourage us to go into a judger mindset or, “judger mode”. However, sometimes being in judger mode isn’t the best for fostering your creativity.

Why is that inner judger killing my creativity?Well, when’s the last time you were curious about something that you passed judgment on? Think really hard… Yep, that usually doesn’t happen. Usually, once you’ve made up your mind about something, you’re no longer trying to learn more about it.

What if you could un-train yourself from immediately shifting into judger mode?Sometimes it’s hard to un-train ourselves from shifting into familiar mindsets that have been ingrained in our heads at an early age. It’s second nature. Instead of shifting into judger mode, try recognizing that behavior and making a conscious effort to move into “learner mode”.

What is “learner mode,” you ask?Well, it’s pretty much the opposite of judger mode. Instead of jumping to a snap judgment when something happens… (like when that guy cut you off on the highway). Your learner mode snaps to asking questions… but not judgmental ones. Ready to learn more about your inner learner and beef up your creativity?

Check out this week’s video to find out:– What is question thinking- Why it’s important for creativity and maybe even de-stressing your life- 3 simple ways to get out of judger mode

So, if you’re struggling with all the frustrations all the time, be sure to tune in here for some tips on de-stressing through curiosity.

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