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Community Engagement


How can we design an inclusive coworking space in Anderson, Indiana that effectively meets the diverse needs of the community?

Collabo XD partnered with social impact organization InerG Impact to co-create an inclusive coworking space tailored to the Anderson, Indiana community.
The Challenge

Aging Volunteer Staff

The organization’s primary challenge was the impending departure of a substantial portion of its volunteer workforce due to retirement.

‘In-the-Box’ Thinking

The organization was struggling with traditional thinking patterns, hindering their ability to adapt to evolving volunteer needs and expectations.

Our Approach
Leveraging its human-centered methodology, Collabo XD designed and facilitated an immersive 3-hour community listening block party. Interactive stations prompted over 90 residents to share perspectives on local assets, needs, and ideas.
Program Design
Data Collection & Analysis
Data Visualization
Analyzing 800+ data points, Collabo XD revealed crucial themes, including strong community identity, entrepreneurial ambitions, youth development priorities, interest in accessible social services, and the need for inclusive recreational spaces and event venues.



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