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Transforming Healthcare: A Patient Journey Mapping Case Study

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How might we improve IU Health’s systems through mapping the patient journey?

To meet the evolving demands of a rapidly changing healthcare landscape and rising patient expectations, Indiana University Health (IU Health) collaborated with Collabo XD to gain comprehensive insights into their patient experience across 15 hospitals and over 150 medical office buildings. This case study delves into how patient journey mapping, a powerful tool for understanding the patient experience, contributed to IU Health's efforts to enhance their healthcare systems.
The Challenge

Understanding Patient Experiences

IU Health sought a deeper understanding of their patients' journeys across a vast network of healthcare facilities to deliver more patient-centric care.

Adapting to New Leadership

Under new leadership, IU Health aimed to redefine patient care by leveraging customer feedback as a cornerstone for designing solutions.

Our Approach
Collabo partnered with IU Health's Experience Design team to address the challenge of comprehending patient journeys across multiple service lines and locations. The mission was clear: Create a patient journey map that would serve as a foundational tool for improving the patient experience.
Program Design
Data Collection & Analysis
Data Visualization
Collabo conducted interviews with over 500 patients and collaborated with 90+ internal team members to capture valuable insights. The team meticulously broke down patient stories and aligned them with IU Health's mental model of the patient experience. Multiple unique patient segments were visualized and explained, allowing for a holistic view of the patient experience. Collabo pinpointed key pain points that held the most significance for patients, providing actionable insights for improvement.

The collaboration yielded substantial results:

Systemwide Improvement: Patient experience scores consistently improved across the healthcare system, reflecting the positive impact of journey mapping.

Initiating Improvement Initiatives: The journey mapping process inspired IU Health to launch several system and regional patient improvement initiatives, addressing identified pain points.



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