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Bookmark this for the future: 5 ways AI will improve the employee experience

Forget every horror movie that plots bots against humans. We’ve reined in technology to leverage all the amazing benefits of artificial intelligence. And left all the sci-fi imaginations of the future to Hollywood. Welcome to the future where AI works right beside us and helps us get s#*t done. We’re Collabo XD and we’ve worked […]

The forgotten art of employee experience during layoffs

Layoffs. They’re ticking up not just in the tech industry but across the country. Sure, cutting jobs is necessary for your financial stability as a company. But as a leader, you can’t forget the human aspect. Understand the importance of employee experience during layoffs and learn about some lessons we’ve learned over the years to […]

Retaining Mid-level Employees: Engagement Beyond the Onboarding Experience

As an employer, you know that the first year is a critical time for engaging and retaining new employees. You may have invested considerable time and money into your new hire onboarding process. But does all that attention go away after your employee’s first anniversary with the company? If so, you are probably losing “mid-level” […]

How Important Is the Employee Onboarding Journey to New Hires?

The last couple of years have seen a lot of changes on a global scale. We have crossed a lot of hurdles and the aftermath can be noticed especially in the job market. The talk of the town is, of course, what is called the Great Resignation. Nobody can deny that around the globe companies […]

Tips For Recruiting The Right Cultural Fit

Let’s start by exercising your imagination. It’s early morning; you feel the crisp air carrying a delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee. There are pastries on your plate. The rays of the sun leave a small arrow of light on the kitchen floor. You breathe in the flavors. And now, your workday starts. How do […]

10 Practical Exercises to Help You Organize and Plan

Sometimes, keeping organized is all that stands in the way of your happiness and productivity. We have the means to do more, but we get lost in chaos and disarray. Staying organized can boost productivity and reduce stress. Here are some practical ideas on how to plan, so that you will feel lighter and happier […]

How to Host an Engaging Remote Training

Trainings are an essential part of a business. Whether you are preparing new hires or educating your experienced employees in new methods, technologies, and procedures, training sessions are an important way of staying on top of your game.  Trainings are not only about having the correct information or the perfect structure, they are also about […]

How to Create a High-Performance Company Culture?

How to create a high-performance company culture

Managing the performance of your employees is an essential part of good leadership. How you manage, shapes your company’s culture. Multiple studies have shown that leaders who engage in the process of performance management produce incredible business results compared to those who do not. For instance, one study demonstrated that 50% less staff turnover, 10-30% […]



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