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70% of change efforts fail: Steal the 5-point system the successful 30% use

70% of change efforts fail. Are the alarm bells going off? They should be. This statistic is abysmal. Whether it’s a new product launch, a company restructuring or a cultural shift, your change efforts must succeed. You’ve invested time, money and your future in this direction. From our point of view, Collabo XD has guided […]

3 Service Principles to Use in Your Customer-Centric Design

All companies know, to some extent, how to deliver a service that is deemed satisfactory by most customers.  However, what sets great companies apart is that they are not content with just going through the motions when it comes to their customer service principles. They actively engage in the in-depth process of design thinking. Doing […]

Debunk these 5 myths about journey mapping & unlock 100% customer retention

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Have you ever wondered what your customers really think about you? Chances are – You have an idea of what they want, how they feel and how you can improve your business. But do you know for sure? Heck, maybe you don’t want to know. But beware – You’re leaving money on the table. Journey […]

5 Customer Service Principles to Abide By

The last few years have presented businesses with many challenges to overcome. It is not surprising then that delivering quality customer service has been the main focus for companies worldwide.  After all, ensuring long-term success depends on a company’s ability to retain and develop a loyal customer base. This is what can make all the […]

How to Redesign Your Customer Experience

Customers and, more importantly, repeat customers are what sustain a business. So, it stands to reason that the main preoccupation for a company should be the consistent delivery of great customer experiences. The problem though is the sheer diversity of touchpoints through which a customer can interact with a brand and form their customer journey. […]

Customer Experience Management — Why Should Businesses Care About It?

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, competing on price alone is no longer enough. Companies also need to think about other ways to gain a competitive advantage and stand out from their competitors.  Delivering personalized experiences has slowly started to become the norm to ensure customer satisfaction and gain the upper hand in the market. A […]

The Surprising Reason Why Customers Leave (and What to Do About It)

Have you ever wondered why customers leave you for a competitor? In fact, most businesses overlook this key reason why customers leave. And it’s costing them dearly. The Negative Impact of Neutral Relationships In most cases, a customer leaves because they don’t have a relationship with you. Put simply, they don’t think you care about […]

4 Signs You Need to Implement a Listening Program

When you run your own business, you do a lot of “telling.” You tell potential customers about your products and services. You tell employees what to do and how to do it. And you probably tell your family how hard it is to keep everything moving in the right direction. But how do you know […]



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