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An open letter to the CEOs killing their companies

Dear CEOs, You’ve seen the recent push in Silicon Valley to make the work experience less about the humans who work for the company – and more about the company itself. Sure, I’ll give you professionalism in the workplace. But when you ignore the humanity and individuality in your workforce, we all lose. Here’s my […]

The remote employee experience: A path to 21% more profit or a road to ruin?

In 2020 did you go remote? What were the consequences? How did your employees and company perform during that time? Well, many saw an uptick in revenue and employee satisfaction. But that didn’t solve the crisis occurring inside the heads of HR leaders and company executives. The employee experience was completely up in the air. […]

70% of change efforts fail: Steal the 5-point system the successful 30% use

70% of change efforts fail. Are the alarm bells going off? They should be. This statistic is abysmal. Whether it’s a new product launch, a company restructuring or a cultural shift, your change efforts must succeed. You’ve invested time, money and your future in this direction. From our point of view, Collabo XD has guided […]

Bookmark this for the future: 5 ways AI will improve the employee experience

Forget every horror movie that plots bots against humans. We’ve reined in technology to leverage all the amazing benefits of artificial intelligence. And left all the sci-fi imaginations of the future to Hollywood. Welcome to the future where AI works right beside us and helps us get s#*t done. We’re Collabo XD and we’ve worked […]

The forgotten art of employee experience during layoffs

Layoffs. They’re ticking up not just in the tech industry but across the country. Sure, cutting jobs is necessary for your financial stability as a company. But as a leader, you can’t forget the human aspect. Understand the importance of employee experience during layoffs and learn about some lessons we’ve learned over the years to […]

3 Service Principles to Use in Your Customer-Centric Design

All companies know, to some extent, how to deliver a service that is deemed satisfactory by most customers.  However, what sets great companies apart is that they are not content with just going through the motions when it comes to their customer service principles. They actively engage in the in-depth process of design thinking. Doing […]

The change management manifesto: How to communicate change to employees & customers

Change is constant. In the market, within your team, even in the homes of your people. Your ability to communicate change quickly and smoothly will align your organization in beautiful synchronicity. And allow you to overcome any challenges. Whether it’s internal culture change or external product change, here’s why management is so important and how […]



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