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70% of change efforts fail: Steal the 5-point system the successful 30% use

70% of change efforts fail. Are the alarm bells going off? They should be. This statistic is abysmal. Whether it’s a new product launch, a company restructuring or a cultural shift, your change efforts must succeed. You’ve invested time, money and your future in this direction. From our point of view, Collabo XD has guided […]

The forgotten art of employee experience during layoffs

Layoffs. They’re ticking up not just in the tech industry but across the country. Sure, cutting jobs is necessary for your financial stability as a company. But as a leader, you can’t forget the human aspect. Understand the importance of employee experience during layoffs and learn about some lessons we’ve learned over the years to […]

3 Service Principles to Use in Your Customer-Centric Design

All companies know, to some extent, how to deliver a service that is deemed satisfactory by most customers.  However, what sets great companies apart is that they are not content with just going through the motions when it comes to their customer service principles. They actively engage in the in-depth process of design thinking. Doing […]

Do this 1 thing to avoid a flop & go to market with confidence

Thousands of dollars and years of your life down the drain. Don’t let your next product launch go to waste. As a product manager, your job is to launch new goods and services and all-but guarantee their success in the market. Collabo XD has helped organizations do just that for more than 10 years. Below, […]



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