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Tips For Recruiting The Right Cultural Fit

Let’s start by exercising your imagination. It’s early morning; you feel the crisp air carrying a delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee. There are pastries on your plate. The rays of the sun leave a small arrow of light on the kitchen floor. You breathe in the flavors. And now, your workday starts. How do […]

How To Use Design Thinking In Your Meetings

Design Thinking workshop

Meetings are an important part of teamwork, especially now, as we spend much less time on social interactions. But if planned and coordinated poorly, meetings can be inefficient and time-consuming. Some participants might end up feeling like they have lost hours of their working day without reaching a solution. The fact that some meetings are […]

Essential Qualities of An Agile Leader

When it comes to employee engagement, leadership plays a crucial role. Managers are the number one cause of stress and dissatisfaction in the workplace, which is why we need to invest in management roles. Inspiring team leaders and project managers can build collaborative teams to increase productivity and quality, while also nurturing positive company culture. […]

How to Design Your Company’s Story Creatively

In today’s competitive market, an authentic brand story can help your business to stand out. Especially in the overcrowded online environment, your business narrative makes a difference. With each scroll, there’s a new batch of fast information trying to catch our eye for just a few seconds. Entire marketing campaigns are built around this premise. […]

How to Show a Human Approach Towards Your Customers

Every exchange with the customers creates an experience. If they have memorable interactions, the customers are more likely to develop loyalty, recommend a business to their friends and leave positive reviews online. Empathy is not only a healthy way of connecting with others, but it’s also a good business practice. Our ability to see things […]

How To Keep A Positive Company Culture Remotely

The business world is a living organism. As things evolve both in the outside world and in the marketplace, companies are constantly compelled to find better solutions and reimagine their products and services. In the dynamic flow of the business environment, adaptability is an instrument for success. But organizational resilience means more than being adaptable […]



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