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Creative Games That Make Great Gifts!

Creative Games That Make Great Gifts

Collabo Clips — Episode 19

Need a last minute creative gift idea that you can enjoy with the whole family?

Look no further.

We’ve got you. At Collabo, we love games, especially games that help boost creativity. It’s the end of the year, which means the holidays are coming up just around the corner. Everyone is shopping for the perfect gifts for their friends and family. We decided to dedicate a video to our favorite games that could make great last-minute gift ideas!

Niki’s Pick: DISRUPTUS

Here we have Disruptus. The name of the game hints the goal of the game. You’re going to use your disruptive thinking as a powerful tool to create! It asks players to look at objects and ideas and use different methods to innovate. This is a great game to use as a creative warm up with your team or an ice-breaker for meetings! You can also play by yourself if you’re feeling stuck and you’re trying to exercise that creative mindset. Go try it out!


Pictionary, the game of quick draw. Or as Ali describes it, “a game as old as time”. Pictionary can be played with a group divided into two teams. Each team is given a category card, a pad of paper and a pencil. Each round, one person on a team picks a category card and draws whatever is written on the prompt card. The teams try to  guess what the “picturist” is trying to communicate through the drawings they create. Whichever team guesses correctly first gets to advance on the game board. This game is super fun because it’s competitive, creative, and allows you to communicate in a visual way. Ali Approved!

Terri’s Pick: RAPIDOODLE

Rapidoodle is one of our favorites we have at the office. This is perfect for that creative person in your life. Like Pictionary, Rapidoodle forces you to draw! Instead of words prompting your drawings, Rapidoodle prompts you with shapes. The goal of the game is to draw as many creative items based on the shape on your whiteboard. The person with the most unique drawing ideas wins the round! It’s a blast. 

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