Check out Shawna and Andrew in this week's feature!

Ever wonder how other local business owners have been getting through the past six months?
Since March, many businesses small and large had to adjust to a whole new way of working. There have been many strenuous moments with feelings of uncertainty— and yet, some organizations have shown flexibility by adapting and persevering. 

Shawna Lake and Andrew Thompson, two local business owners here in Indianapolis, joined in conversation this week to share their business lessons learned.

While, Shawna shares her experience of what it's like starting a new business in January 2020, followed by being hit by the pandemic in March. Andrew, a seasoned business owner and financial leader opens up about how his team transformed their services as shutdown events unfolded to provide clients with PPP assistance. 

Learn more about Shawna and Andrew's experiences and how they persevered through the pandemic in the latest episode of Everyday Experts! 

Huge thanks to Andrew and Shawna for sharing their business lessons with us! Check out the latest video to hear the full conversation!

Lessons from Everyday Experts

Connect with new everyday experts each week as they share their lessons learned around all types of topics. These stories from impressive folks who've braved the screen are incredibly insightful, humbling, and fulfilling. So, we hope you'll find as much value as we have in amplifying the voices and stories of the everyday experts around us. 

Lessons for Now

2020 will be a historical turning point for the 21st century. During this time of global pandemic and quarantine, we're also experiencing a much needed awakening to the social injustice and systemic racism prevalent today. This short series, Lessons for Now, captured the unique experiences of everyday experts during a time of both physical separation and social convening. 

Lessons from Quarantine

With the slow reopening of businesses and cities after the COVID-19 Quarantine, it was a great time to pause and reflect on all the lessons learned from friends and families across the country. You can find these valuable lessons and stories captured here.

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