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Collabo Clips — Episode 16
Featuring: Sara Armstrong with Idea of You Coaching

What's that one thing you're not good at?... If you're like us, perhaps there's more than one thing. Well, if that one is holding you back in business or life, check out this week's clip to learn how to get into your growth mindset and reach your growth mode. 

We've all got those things that we're not good at. 

Take for example, swimming. Now maybe you were one of those extremely unique few that was born in a pool, kicking your baby legs before your first breath...If that's you, awesome.  But for the rest of us, that's probably not the case. 


Do you remember learning to swim? Remember the gasping for air, uncoordinated limbs flailing wildly in every direction but the one that would help you move forward, and water flying everywhere? Remember your legs constantly sinking to the ground, slowly pulling the rest of your body down under the water like a sad sinking ship? Do you recall at some point, thinking...


"I'm just not cut out for this! If I were meant to swim, I'd have been born with flippers!" 

Then you were "off the hook". You "tested out the waters" and deemed this whole swimming thing not for you? (ok, no more water puns) I mean, you tried it out and it just didn't work. So, better find something that you're good at instead. 


Well, maybe it's not "swimming" for you, but we all have things that we've given up on. Most often, it's those things that feel too hard to do. 


Enter, Fixed Mindset.

This is where that horrible, little, limiting thought comes from. Thanks, fixed mindset. 


These are the thoughts that hold you back and tell you that you're just not good enough. That you don't have the "right" genes, that you weren't born in the "right" family. It's your fixed mindset that tells you that you should either be super good at something, if not you shouldn't be doing it.


Truth is, your potential is infinite. 

It's merely your own mindset that can either hold you back or set you free. That's why this week we're talking about the Growth Mindset. So of course, we've got Coach Sara Armstrong from Idea of You Coaching, back in the house. woot woot 🎉🙌


Check out this week's video to find out:

- What is the Growth Mindset

- Where did it come from (hint, book recommendation!)

- How gratitude can help you get into growth


So, if there's something you given up on simply because you were never good at it, be sure to tune in


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