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Here’s a list of the Top 10 Obstacles People Face in the Workplace

Nobody’s workplace is perfect. Here’s a list of the top ten obstacles people deal with at work. Sound familiar? 

1. Communication (or lack of)

Communication is key. Without it, everything can fall apart. If you’re struggling with communicating with your coworkers, use this as an opportunity to reflect on how you work to others and see if there’s something you can change. 

2. Staying engaged or motivated

Not everything is exciting. Sometimes, the motivation just isn’t there. This can be an opportunity to find out what you or your coworkers are passionate about and see if there’s a way you can adjust some roles to fit people’s passions. 

3. Project management

Most people who struggle with project management have one common obstacle: organization. If you’re having this issue, this could be an opportunity to step back and ask for help so you can get more organized and get that project back on track. 

4. Attitudes

No one likes butt heads with their coworkers. If you’re struggling with people clashing with attitudes, this could be an opportunity to put some new procedures in place that gives people more autonomy. That way, they’re not having as much friction with coworkers. 

5. Dealing with change

Change is inevitable. This can be an opportunity to look at both sides of the scenario to gain further understanding on why things are shifting. 

6. Poor Morale

If morale is low around the workplace, have some empathy and dig deeper to see what the underlying issues are. This can be a great learning experience. 

7. Struggle to be creative

This is a perfect opportunity to change things up. Change up the environment. Gain a new perspective. Practice being curious! This can help open your mind to being a more creative person.

8. Difficult clients

No one wants to deal with a difficult client. When this problem arises, use this as an opportunity to reflect and look at their point of view. Empathy is key.

9. Problem Solving

Have a problem you are struggling to solve?  Maybe you’re looking at it from one point of view. This is an opportunity to shift your perspective and look at the obstacle in a different way. You might find an answer!

10. Struggling with yourself

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. If you’re struggling, you can always ask for help. This is an opportunity to learn and grow!


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