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How do you deal with Difficult People?

At Collabo, we’re all about inclusivity and empathy for others. We love our people! As many of us know, some people can be easier to deal with than others. 

Face it, some people are just problematic.

Sometimes, folks that are more difficult to deal with can cause a strain in your personal and professional life. Some of us may have the privilege to simply not interact with said difficult person if it’s a personal scenario.  But what do you do when this difficult person is someone you interact with regularly at work?

Here’s where positive positioning comes in to save the day.

Well, as we’ve talked about positive positioning in the past, this is a perfect example of what you could do to relieve the frustration. This problem could be reframed into an opportunity for you to reflect on how your actions affect the scenario with the difficult coworker. This could also improve how you interact with others in the future! Turn the scenario into a “How might we..” question.  Ask yourself, “How might we (I) adjust my actions to make interactions with this person easier?”

Want to learn more? Check out our latest video featuring Andrea Liebross, a local Possibilities Coach here in good ol’ Indianapolis!

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