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How to Gain Trust with your Customers

Given the current state we’re in with continuing stay-at-home orders in Indy, we thought it might be a good time to talk about strengthening those relationship-building muscles. 

That’s why this week we’re talking about how to increase your relationship currency, also known as TRUST. 

Think about the people you enjoy being around. You know them, you like them, and you probably trust them. Trust is your most important asset in building relationships. Why? Because we feel safe with the people we trust most. We like hanging out with them, we’re loyal to them, and you probably look out for them too. Without trust, it’s impossible to connect. At Collabo, a lot of the work we do relies on building trust with clients, their customers, and their team members. So, we’re kind of experts at breaking down walls and getting people to open. One of the most common phrases we hear is, “I’ve never told anyone this before…”So, how do you build trust?Simple, listen to people’s stories! —Yep! That’s it. That’s our secret.Want to learn how you can do this too? Check out this week’s video for our 3 tips to help you build trust by just listening.

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Thanks for watching. And remember, the only way to design a better world is together.

So, let’s design better together.

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