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Make Your New Hires Feel Welcome

Make new employees feel welcome in while adapting to a post pandemic world. This free eBook walks through the onboarding process, breaking it down into three short chapters.

What you’ll find in the eBook

Ice Breakers

First days are awkward, but ice breakers can help! When you introduce a new hire to the team, you want to create fun, memorable experiences that lay the first stone for seamless teamwork. You also want to show the newcomer a taste of what your company culture is all about.

How to Prepare

There is nothing more discouraging than coming to a new place and finding it in disarray. A well-structured first workday will not only help the new hires adjust faster but will increase their confidence.

Check Lists

A thoughtful, well-designed onboarding will seamlessly integrate the new hire into the team and the new role. This eBook offers check lists and step by step processes to make the onboarding process run smoothly.

chapter highlights

Chapter One: The Importance of a Proper Onboarding Process

“According to HR professionals, the onboarding process should ideally last at least three months. To maximize its benefits, the onboarding period can be extended throughout the first year of employment.”

Chapter Two: Focus On Employee Experience Ideas for a Successful Onboarding

“Onboarding is not just a series of individual actions; it’s a holistic process. To properly welcome new employees and build fruitful collaborations, design the onboarding activities in accordance with your company culture.”

Chapter Three: How to Start the Onboarding Process Remotely

“Remote work has challenged us to get creative with what it means to offer engaging onboarding and it has opened up new possibilities. Now we can stay connected and collaborate with people from all over the world.”

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