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How to Practice Gratitude During Quarantine

Are you wondering how to stay healthy physically and mentally while practicing social distancing?  

Some of you may be feeling pretty cooped up. 

Maybe you miss going to the gym or going out to eat (I sure do miss stopping in La Margarita to enjoy their mole poblano enchiladas on their patio. Or going to Keystone Sports Review for their awesome wings while a Pacer game is playing…). Anyway, I’m sure you’re missing your favorite spots/people as well. 

So, what can you do to snap out of wishing things were back to normal? 

This week, we have our friend Jenn Schaefer with us to share some advice on how to take care of yourself during this time of social distancing. There’s three main things you need to do.

1. Move

Yep. Pretty simple. It’s easy to fall into a lazy state and just want to lay around all day. Try getting up and going for a walk on a secluded trail. Or even just move around the house and get a quick chore done. This will help pass the time and keep you active.

2. Nutrition

Make sure you’re still eating healthy! You are what you eat. The more fruits and vegetables you consume, the better you’ll feel. Try to stick to a relatively healthy diet to protect your immune system. This will help you feel good and hopefully healthier! We still approve of a cheat day here and there. 

3. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are good for you! They can help relieve stress and give you a sense of calm. Yoga and meditation are also a great help for stress. We all may feel a little on edge right now, so this is definitely a must for your mental health. 

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