Only your voice can create change that makes a real difference.

If you are a Black business owner in Indianapolis, your voice matters.

Indiana is stepping up and making an active choice to rebuild a more equitable economy.  For this reason we're seeking new ideas and perspectives—from you—on how resources and support could be better designed and integrated into your business.  

By sharing your thoughts and stories, you will directly inform the creation of a citywide platform designed specifically to help Black entrepreneurs start, grow, and elevate their businesses.  

According to data from Hello Alice and the NAACP’s combined 2.5M+ members and small business owners, Black business owners are optimistic about 2022, with about 84% of them predicting growth. This increase is more than double the increase reported by non-Black entrepreneurs in the same time range, from 2020 to 2021.

A study from the website domain company GoDaddy found that Black owners have accounted for 26% of all websites created for new businesses since the pandemic began, compared to 15% before.

What has caused this growth?
How do we ensure businesses are starting and growing in Indy?
What kind of supports do you need for your business? 

These are the questions we need your help to answer. 

Indiana is stepping up and making an active choice to rebuild a more equitable economy. 

Community foundations and companies across Indiana have committed to the Indy Racial Equity Pledge to address Black business support, health, education, and criminal justice inequalities.

To make this a reality, we recognize that it’s necessary to first understand the challenges and issues you, as a Black business owner, feel need to get fixed. And how you think those need to be fixed.  

Your story matters.

What's important to you and your business? 

Voice your thoughts and ideas by participating in an interview or small group discussion. 

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