Improve recruitment through envisioning value into the student experience

Through collaboration with Indiana University School of Nursing (IUSON), we developed and delivered an in-depth understanding of the current and ideal states of the student experience for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. From this understanding, we were able to then rethink and reshape both physical supporting materials along with overall student touchpoints within the 2-year online program.

"They were able to present key design findings and ideas in ways that really translate to next steps for us in terms of tangible strategies, materials, and processes!"


  • Facilitate the development of a student-centric experience
  • Develop and deliver an in-depth understanding of the current and ideal states of the student experience for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program


  • Facilitate a 7-hour participatory session with DNP Program leaders focused on defining social, academic, advising and professional leadership components of the student experience
  • Develop a 2-day boot camp 
  • Create on-campus Integrated Experiences program dates & ideas for future engagements


  • Enabled the shift to an executive format leadership program focused on two major components
  • Re-designed student orientation packet to prioritize new student information into two manageable and actionable tasks for further enhancing the student experience

IUSON partnered with Collabo to better understand the current student experience for their newly developed, online DNP program. Through rapid, participatory design research engagements, Collabo connected with stakeholders from all levels of the DNP program—from alumni to professors to administrators and college deans—in order to develop a comprehensive, 2-year student journey map. Based off of actual student and user experiences, this map currently serves as the focal point for strategic planning within the DNP program. 

Additionally, from this understanding of the DNP service-flow, Collabo was able to aid IUSON with redesigning their DNP student orientation packet, which now prioritizes new-student information into to manageable and actionable tasks further enhancing the student experience from acceptance through graduation.

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