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Case Study

Elevating Student Enrollment: A Case Study with Indiana University School of Nursing



In partnership with the Indiana University School of Nursing (IUSON), Collabo embarked on a transformative journey to envision and redesign the student experience for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. By deeply understanding the current and ideal states of the student journey, we reshaped key touchpoints and materials to create a student-centric experience that would not only enhance recruitment but also elevate the overall program quality.

Challenges and Opportunities

Creating a Student-Centric Experience: IUSON sought to develop a student-centric experience to attract and retain students in the online DNP program.

Understanding the Student Journey: The challenge was to gain an in-depth understanding of the current and ideal states of the student experience within the DNP program.

The Collaborative Approach

Collabo collaborated with IUSON to facilitate a 7-hour participatory session with DNP Program leaders. This session focused on defining various components of the student experience, including social, academic, advising, and professional leadership aspects. Subsequently, a comprehensive 2-day boot camp was developed, along with on-campus Integrated Experiences program dates and future engagement ideas.

Tasks Undertaken

Participatory Session: Collabo led a participatory session that engaged DNP Program leaders in defining critical components of the student experience.

Boot Camp Development: A 2-day boot camp was created to further enhance the student experience, aligning it with the desired student-centric approach.

Integrated Experiences Program: Collabo collaborated on the development of on-campus Integrated Experiences program dates and ideas to foster student engagement.

Impact Achieved

The collaborative effort yielded significant results:

Shift to Executive Format: The student experience was transformed into an executive format leadership program with a clear focus on two major components, enhancing program quality.

Redesigned Orientation Packet: The DNP student orientation packet was redesigned to prioritize new student information, simplifying it into manageable and actionable tasks that improved the overall student experience from enrollment through graduation.

Sustainability and Future Initiatives

The impact of the collaboration with Collabo continues to shape the student experience at IUSON:

Ongoing Strategic Planning: The 2-year student journey map developed during the collaboration serves as a central point for ongoing strategic planning within the DNP program.

Enhanced Student Engagement: The focus on student-centric experiences and the redesigned orientation packet have contributed to sustained student engagement and program success.


Through a collaborative partnership with Collabo, Indiana University School of Nursing successfully reimagined and enhanced the student experience for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice program. This case study highlights the power of deeply understanding the student journey, engaging stakeholders, and prioritizing student-centricity to improve enrollment and program quality. It demonstrates the potential for transformative change when educational institutions invest in creating exceptional student experiences.

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