How much could your business grow if you had more repeat customers?

    Allows you to see bigger picture to make smarter, more cost effective decisions

    Improve customer relationship by understanding their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings

    Bring your team together with shared vision and communication

    How do you know your customers are happy?

    As time passes, target audiences can shift. Expectations evolve. Technology changes. Successful companies understand the importance to focus on not just what product or service they offer, but how they deliver it. Do you know your current customer base and their needs? Are you looking for effective ways to grow? It all starts with understanding your customers’ thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. We can all agree that satisfied customers lead to repeat business, customer referrals and ultimately—growth for you. So, how well are you satisfying your customers? One of simplest ways to know starts with mapping your customer's journey.

    So, what is a journey map?

    A journey map is a tool that helps to layout a person’s experience step by step. By illustrating the overall experience a customer has with a service, digital product, or brand, we are able to turn an abstract concept into something concrete and tangible. There are many different experiences that can and should be mapped. These might include a customer recognizing a pain point which creates an opportunity for improvement and growth.

    Address pain points throughout your customers' journey and create efficient action plan

    What you'll take away..

    Visual Journey Map

    Gain Actionable Insights

    Improved team communication


    We chose the right company for this work. 

    Jennifer Baron
    Executive Director, Experience Design


    The experience was so positive that we asked them to come back and help our entire organization begin to use design thinking in our work.

    Chad Priest
    CEO, American Red Cross


    The team at Collabo Creative has been a pivotal partner in helping our organization take our customer experience strategy to the next level.

    Nick McCallum
     Sr. Consultant, Experience Design

    Meet your facilitator

    Terri Wada

    Design Strategist, President of Collabo Creative

    The Design Thinking Everyday Jumpstart is led by expert facilitators with rich experience in both teaching and practicing design thinking, so you won't need to worry that you're learning from a novice. Your program instructors are the best of both worlds, they teach what they practice and they practice what they teach—no lengthy lectures or dry presentations here! Your team will stay engaged during both interactive training days and will walk away with skills that can be applied to their own challenges the very same day.

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