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Kill two birds with one stone: 2 ways Simon Sinek suggests your employee experience impacts your customer experience


Do you handle customer experience and employee experience separately? Do you have separate teams dedicated to perfecting each? Yet they don’t talk to each other?

What if creating a kick@$! customer experience and employee experience was one-and-the-same?

What if you could kill two birds with one stone? When you realize they impact each other, well, it’s an easier problem to tackle.

Below, you’ll learn 2 ways addressing your culture positively impacts your customers.

1. Your company culture indirectly affects the customer experience

Your culture is like a magnet for top talent. Like Times Square for tourists.

When done right, your culture attracts only the right people to drive your vision forward into the future.

When done wrong, it attracts everyone – or no one.

Customers are the same way. Your culture can be marketed as a key benefit of your products or services.

Example: Have you flown Southwest Airlines lately? They talk a lot about their own mission – “To be the world’s most loved, most efficient, and most profitable airline.” And they live it!

So much so, it’s now one of the leading factors in customers choosing their airfare versus their competitors.

  • The flight from A to B is the same.
  • Their prices are similar if not the same.
  • But their culture and attitude is really different.

Your culture is a key differentiator.

Another example:

If an organization values diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging internally, they’ll create a positive and welcoming environment for customers and employees. Some customers will even choose them because of their fair hiring practices.

“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”
— Simon Sinek, How great leaders inspire action


2. Your internal communications help customers too

Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream…

(We won’t sing the whole thing, but you get the idea.)

Your team needs to be rowing in the same direction. With even a single employee out of rhythm in your squad, your products and services won’t live up to their potential.

In fact, they’ll slow you down.

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
— Simon Sinek, How great leaders inspire action

So how do you get that sort of consistency through your organization? Communication. Clear direction about your mission and vision for the future from the very tip top.

Think about it – When your team is clearly aligned on the task at hand, your customers benefit too.

When they approach you with a pressing question or concern…

A clear, concise, consistent answer is invaluable.

NOTHING is more frustrating than speaking with customer support when they’re all over the place. One agent gives you an answer. The next gives you a completely different one.

The rage…

Effective internal communication will guarantee customers receive the best service your team’s ever built – plus, timely and accurate information when it’s needed.


Your company’s shared vision for the future has a significant impact on customers.

Then, giving employees the support, tools and team they need to effectively serve customers will not only attract new ones, but retain your paying customers too.

Need help creating that culture? We’ve supported the Red Cross, Cummins and Indiana University Health in restructuring and redesigning their employee experience.

We can help you too. Contact us here.



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