Meet the Collabo Team

We're a team of designers, facilitators, researchers, and strategists with a passion for service design.

We build up can-doers and forward-thinkers, like you.

We’re your team of natural design nerds who love to walk and talk all things experience. From customer experience to employee experience and community engagement. There's no limits when you're creating meaningful experiences for people. That's why our team diverse range of backgrounds and expertise. 

Get to know your Collabo team below!

Your Collabo Team

Not only are we known for creating the most engaging methods in the service design field—we also write, publish, preach, and profess them as well. 

Cofounded by professors that wanted to practice what they preached, Terri and Pamela bridge the gap between theory and application. They've been reshaping curriculum for future designers based on actual experience in doing the work. As for some street cred, both the pair are regularly asked to present and speak on both national and international stages. 

Rounding out the team, each Collabo researcher is a master in the game. We mean that literally (and figuratively), they all have master's degrees in Design Research (and they're also design ninjas).

Service Design and Design Thinking Team Member - Terri Wada

President & co-founder

Terri W.

Terri's led countless successful service design initiatives ranging from journey mapping one of the largest healthcare networks in Indiana to engaging thousands of residents in a city-wide challenge to understand the conditions underlying youth violence. Doubling as an educator, her work and research has attracted national grant funding and features in several international publications.

Pamela Napier, Design Strategist headshot


Pamela N.

Pamela believes in designing with people, rather than for people. In addition to being a cofounding partner with Collabo, she's also an Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design at Herron School of Art and Design. Through both teaching and practice, Pamela has been invited to give presentations, facilitate workshops, and co-design events nationally and internationally.

Design Thinking and Service Design Team, Researcher Niki Gracia

Design Researcher

Niki G.

With over 7 years of experience, Niki's specialized in leading service design projects for community engagement and experience-based research. Coming from Guadalajara, Mexico, she's a native Spanish speaker enabling her to connect deeply with Hispanic and Latino populations. When not researching, Niki spreads the richness of her Mexican culture through teaching Spanish to children.

Service Design and Design Thinking Team Member - Ali Kattman

Visual Experience Designer

Ali K.

Ali has a passion for branding, web design, and all things design related. She’s specifically interested in exploring how the visual world informs and impacts people’s experiences as well as how visuals enhance the understanding of complex information. Outside of work, Ali loves participating in poster shows around the state, snapping photos, collecting VHS tapes, and walking her dog.

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