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Prioritize customer experience or employee experience? The world’s best companies reveal a secret


Where do you put your resources? In improving your customer experience? Or helping your employees live better personal and professional lives?

They’re more related than you think.

Trust us – Collabo XD helps companies like Cummins and the Red Cross increase revenue with a better customer experience and more productive, happy relationships with employees. We’ve seen both sides of the coin.

Yes, it’s possible to prioritize both your customer experience and employee experience – and get amazing results.

Chicken vs. egg: Choosing customer experience or employee experience

Which comes first?

Employee experience is every interaction your workers have with your organization and their perception of your impact on their life.

Think of customer experience the same way. It’s the combination of all their touchpoints and conversations with your workers and brand. Both automated and personal.

Like employee experience though, customer experience goes beyond your physical interactions. It also includes their judgment of you – whether fair or not.

Many companies excel at one or other. But the question is – Does it have to be so black-and-white?

Breaking: You don’t have to choose between customer experience & employee experience

In fact, companies you love and trust (like Apple and Delta Airlines) are famous for …

  • Treating their employees like royalty

  • Creating a work environment ripe for innovation

  • As a result, building a pay-it-forward relationship with customers

So what’s the key to connecting with your customers and employees? Empathy.

That’s why our Listening Programs are so effective in helping companies create remarkable (literally, remark-able) experiences for both customers and employees. We use open feedback loops and real human conversations to frame the root problem and solve it. Simple as that.

But we understand your frustration. People demand a lot from companies in 2022:

  • Employees want flexibility in where, when and how they work for their organization

  • Employers now think it’s their duty to provide mental and physical well-being benefits for their employees

  • More than half of Americans will pay more if their favorite brands commit to “responsible,” sustainable business practices (example: “ethically-sourced coffee”)

Currently focused on your customer experience? Think about how you can make your employees happier to work at your company too.

Or if your employee experience is top of mind, how can you improve your customer experience and make them fall in love with your brand?

One thing we know for sure – Don’t put all your eggs (or chickens) in one basket. Both your customer experience and employee experience deserve your attention. Because without one, the other doesn’t exist.

Think you’re slacking in one of the two departments?

Collabo XD helps companies improve their customer and employee experiences with design thinking exercises. Contact us to get started.



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