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Shift Your Mindset And Stay Motivated This 2020

Shift Your Mindset To Stay Motivated For Those 2020 Goals

Collabo Clips — Episode 22

We made it a week into 2020. How are your resolutions coming along?  🌟

Need help getting the ball rolling on those resolutions? We all have things we’d like to accomplish this year. We establish goals, then set forth in following through with them. Feels good, right? Anyone can appreciate the thrill of taking on a new journey to achieve those 2020 resolutions. Sometimes, we forget the amount of work that goes along with completing those goals. That’s the tough part. Here’s an example:Let’s pretend you’ve always wanted to have a food blog. Your goal is to have it up and running by the end of the year. The idea of having your own place to share your passion for unique restaurants and tasty cuisine with others sounds exciting! But of course, good things come from those who work hard. Sometimes the labor you need to put into it isn’t the most exciting piece of the process. So, how can we keep ourselves motivated?Try this out!There are some simple mindset tricks that can help keep the momentum moving on that resolution. Did you know that changing up your language can impact your motivation to complete the things you need to do? First, we’ll start right there. Using the wording I need to do this makes tasks feel more like a burden than something you’re looking forward to accomplishing. Try switching up your wording from “I need to do this” to “I want to do this”.After all, at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be your goal if you didn’t want it, right? Get out there and try it out! 💪BIG thanks to the wonderful Heather Lowey for joining us and sharing some of her techniques! Want to become part of The Mom Huddle or learn more about her life and career coaching? Check out her page! Check out this week’s video to find out:– Heather Lowey’s tips and tricks to stick to your resolutions- How to change your language to stay motivated- Mindset techniques anyone can apply to everyday activities

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