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Solve Your Problems By Drawing Them Out

Have you ever felt like you’ve been too quick to judge a situation? Or maybe you’ve been presented with a problem and you hastily come up with something that may not have been the best solution? 

We’ve all been there.

Sometimes it feels easier to get the issue taken care of with a quick fix so you can move on to the next obstacle you’ve been stressing about. This happens all the time in personal and professional settings. Whether it be a business obstacle or personal dilemma, there’s a simple approach that can help you see the bigger picture when a problem arises.

What could it possibly be?

*insert drumroll*

Drawing out the problem! When we say “draw it out”, we don’t mean drag it out longer. We mean literally. You don’t have to be an artist. Grab a pencil and paper, or hop on a whiteboard and draw out the entire scenario. This helps everyone be able to see all the elements of a problem, including outside factors that weigh in on the cause. Learn more by checking out this episode of Collabo Clips!

Check out this week’s #CollaboClips to learn about:

• Why you should draw out your problems 

• Why it’s important

• An example of how you can use this approach

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