People-Centered Design is Collabo's approach and methodology to creating innovative solutions through focus on designing with people, rather than for people. This approach combines a process that utilizes Design Thinking and Participatory Design Research methods in order to empower the people who ultimately use a product, service, or system—along with those who have the most to gain or lose—to collaboratively create positive impact and innovation. And by ‘people’ we mean users, customers, stakeholders—the actual people involved in the initial problem or challenge. It is this ‘bottom-up’ approach that is inclusive and participatory, to help people communicate their experiences, in order to frame root—or core—problems, and collaboratively create meaningful impact through solutions developed by the very people who will use or implement them.

Creating a more welcoming campus

The Welcoming Campus task force was put together to discover how to change their campus in order for it to be seen as a more welcoming and open destination for the greater Indianapolis community.
AmErican Red Cross Volunteer Experience

The Indiana Region of The American Red Cross teamed up with us to build new ways of working through understanding the volunteer experience.
IU HEALTH Patient journey mapping

In order to keep up with the pressure of a rapidly changing industry and increased customer expectations, IU Health paired with us to to understand and improve their customer experience.
IUSON DNP Program experience

Through collaboration with Indiana University School of Nursing (IUSON), we developed and delivered an in-depth understanding of the current and ideal states of the student experience for the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program.

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