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Tapping Into Your Inclusive Mindset

Tapping Into Your Inclusive Mindset

Collabo Clips — Episode 17

Do you ever feel like your workplace isn’t as inclusive as it could be? 

We all know diversity and inclusion are essential for a better workplace. 

In fact, 67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities, and more than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity (Glassdoor). 

So what does this have to do with creativity and collaboration?  

Let’s play pretend for a bit… Imagine that you’re having a meeting with your colleagues to solve a problem. No one has any good ideas. Only the same people are contributing. Everyone’s saying the same old things. Oh and yeah, “everyone” is actually just the 3-5 people from your own department. Not a great recipe for innovation… and perhaps this isn’t just an imaginary story.


Enter, Inclusive Mindset.

The truth is, the more diverse your team is, the quicker you’ll be able to solve problems, with better results. Instead of having the same few people from one department try to fix a company-wide issue, try having stakeholders from all levels of the company to weigh in on the problem. This allows for a more inclusive work environment with a diverse set of ideas and opinions, which leads to a better perspective on how to solve a problem.


After all, did you know that companies with higher-than-average diversity have 19% higher innovation revenues? (Thanks for the insight, Harvard Business Review!)


Get out there and try it out!

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve talked about curiosity and growth mindsets. This week, we’re talking about how you can use those two mindsets to be more inclusive. Tune in to the latest #CollaboClips episode and try out some tips and tricks to get out there and be more inclusive! 💙


Check out this week’s video to find out:

– How to use your curiosity and growth mindset to be more inclusive

– Why an inclusive mindset is important

– 3 tips to practice using your inclusive mindset daily


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Thanks for watching. And remember, the only way to design a better world is together.

So, let’s design better together.

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