Team Training

We foster other can-doers and design-minded folks like you. Not only does Collabo create some of the most engaging methods in the service design field, we writepublishpreach, and teach them as well.


Design Thinking Workshops

Design thinking has been gaining incredible momentum in business over the past decade. With leading brands like Apple, Google and GE having rapidly adopted the design thinking approach to problem solving, it's no wonder why human-centered design is so high in demand.

But do you really know what design thinking is? Why it's so popular? How to use it and when? Learn all about this innovative, creative problem solving approach through one of our half-day or full-day training workshops. 


Journey Mapping Training

How do you know what your customer's are going through? As time passes, customers needs shift, expectations evolve, and things generally change. Every successful company understands the importance capturing the voice of their customers in order to keep an active beat on what's going on in the customer's lives.

If you're familiar with customer journey maps but have yet to do one yourself? Or need to train your customer experience team in the ways of journey mapping? Check out one of our customer journey mapping training workshops. We hand-craft half-day, full-day or a two-day intensive programs to help folks at any level get up an running with customer journey mapping in-house, so you can stop hiring all those consultants.

Come as a newbie and leave with practical experience to launch your next journey mapping project.


Design Facilitation Training

Design Facilitation is one of those higher-level, soft skills that is super transferrable and incredibly powerful, but not well known. And in fact, many Design Thinking folks are only starting to talk about skill. Fortunately, we've been developing this area of training for over a decade. 

So what is Design Facilitation... Imagine every meeting you lead people are engaged and excited to be there working with you. No more boring, unproductive meetings where people just talk and talk only to steal hours upon hours from your day to where you feel like you need to schedule your "work time." Nope, we've all had enough of that for a lifetime.

Through our one-of-a-kind, Design Facilitation training, you'll learn the qualities, skills, and methods for leading Design Sprints and be the ultimate meeting guru in your company.


Design Research Intensive

(launching soon!)

After teaching Design Research at the graduate-level for over a decade in a traditional setting, we've finally made the jump to bring this area of our teaching to the professional education world. 

If your interested in learning more about this new training program, reach out and let's talk!

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