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Terri and Niki’s Books to Read This 2020

Need some reading recommendations for 2020 that will help you shift into a designer mindset? 📚

We are always scrolling through social media looking at different status updates and entertaining posts. 

Sometimes, too much scrolling can be counterproductive. Every once in a while, it’s nice to disconnect from all the feeds and read a book. We are always a fan of self improvement and designing better together, so our very own Terri and Niki joined forces to give out their recommendations for 2020.  Check ’em out!

Terri’s Pick

Here’s a book that was a life-changer for Terri. “Cradle to Cradle” was written by American designer/architect William McDonough and German chemist Michael Braungart. This is a  visionary book that touches on principles from experience (re)designing everything from carpeting to corporate campuses, The authors talk about design as a process of creating systems and processes to shape impactful outcomes. So rather than simply designing for an outcome, “Cradle to Cradle” focuses on the designing of the systems to create better, sustainable outcomes. Highly recommend! 

Niki’s Pick

“Change Anything” is a great recommend for those who may want to redesign their habits! This book not only helps one improve their workplace life, but also can be applied to life outside the office. The reader can better their working relationship with others, one’s overall health, outlook on life, and so on. One key takeaway from “Change Anything” for Niki was the highlight on being aware of the people who influence your life and determining whether they are friends (helping you meet your goals) or accomplices (who distract you from or blatantly undermine your change efforts). Go check it out!

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Thanks for watching. And remember, the only way to design a better world is together.

So, let’s design better together.

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