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Stop losing customers: Use AI to increase loyalty (and revenue)


It’s an exciting time to be in customer experience. There’s no doubt about that.

Artificial Intelligence – in the form of OpenAI and Google Bard – is here.

Here at Collabo XD, we’ve been on the forefront of a lot of change in the experience world. The AI wave is no different.

So how do we see robots shaping up the future of the customer experience? Let’s get into it.

Understanding AI & its potential

Meh to wow. That’s the promise brands have made about AI and the customer experience.

From automated conversations to advanced analytics, AI is already helping businesses deliver a better experience. It’s faster, more personalized and efficient.

Artificial intelligence has a ton of applications, each designed to tackle a different challenge. For instance, chatbots seem like the new frontline in customer service. Some applications:

  • handling customer queries (with an average increase of 12% in customer satisfaction)
  • gathering and analyzing feedback
  • predicting customer behavior

And together, all these tasks free up workers to focus on more complex, strategic stuff.

The potential is massive. Zowie predicts the conversational AI market …

  • is worth $10.7 billion,
  • is growing at an impressive annual rate of 22% and
  • will power 95% of customer interactions by 2025.

Wow is right.

Leveraging AI for the whole customer journey

What drives a great customer experience? If you said personalization, you get a gold star.

60% of shoppers say they’ll become repeat customers if they receive a personalized experience.

So how can sales, revenue and customer experience leaders leverage AI to create a better customer experience – whether physical or digital?

The obvious answer is personalization.

AI can help businesses understand their customers’ needs and preferences, allowing them to tailor their services accordingly. Because that’s what customer experience is all about, right?

Creating a better purchase process so your customers return for more.

Early stages: The buying process

Every customer experience begins with awareness.

As it stands today, how do your customers learn about you?

Sure, there’s word of mouth and referrals. But many hear about your work for the first time through paid advertising and your content marketing.

Advertising platforms like Meta are adopting AI at a rapid rate to target your ads to your market’s interests. And content marketing platforms like CopyAI help you write and create content that better aligns with your customers’ pain points.

That means your info meets a more relevant customer. Better recommendations, better information, more sales.

Want to increase your sales and revenue? AI can be a powerful tool.

Late stages: Boosting loyalty

What is customer retention? Essentially, products that help you overcome challenges. And brands that care about you.

Think about it – What makes you continue buying from your favorite brand? They continue to great products that solve a problem that exists in your life. Plain and simple.

The best products are designed through feedback. And AI can play a pretty big role in collecting and analyzing that feedback.

From surveys and real-time UX studies, AI can pinpoint issues and report them. But if you’re running a large-scale feedback loop, you – as a human – can’t summarize a report of a million data points.

Phew, that’d take weeks.

But AI can. In a matter of seconds, you can upload a huge file to ChatGPT and analyze the data in one keystroke. Want to know insights worth bringing back to your team? Gotchu.

One thing AI is exceptional at – Analyzing patterns in customer feedback.

So once you fill your customers’ gaps and provide products to solve their problems… Boom! You’ve made a customer happy.

Imagine building your company on the internet in the early 90s. That’s where we are in the AI adoption curve. It’s the early days.

This is when heroes are made, stories are written and brands are created. And AI has the opportunity to be the kingmaker in your customer experience.

Collabo XD helps organizations like yours understand their customer with large-scale surveys and Listening programs. Get in contact with us here.



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