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Using Mindfulness To Strengthen Creativity

The easiest way to be more creative

Collabo Clips — Episode 12

Have you ever been “hangry”? You know, hungry + angry? You haven’t eaten all day and your body NEEDS food. OR ELSE. 

Then.. the moment comes.

Someone picked up pizza for lunch to share with the office. You immediately gobble an entire piece in just a few bites. We can relate (not one of our proudest moments). How did that experience go for you? Were you mindful of all the flavors of cheesy goodness you were experiencing? Or was the pizza simply in front of your face one moment and then gone the next… before reaching for the next slice… If you’re like us, probably the ladder. 


 It’s happened to the best of us. 

So often we caught up with all the things going on that we’re not always able to slow down and smell the pizza. Have you felt this way too? Sure! We’ve all been there. So, why are we talking about wolfing down pizza when we’re supposed to be talking creativity?! Well…


Did you know that being mindful during your experiences can strengthen your creative muscle?

Well, when we have more experiences, our brain is able to make more connections, which gives us that creative spark. So… if you’re able to be more present in mind during any activity, you can increase the amount of connections your brain is able to make. Hence, more creativity. How cool is that?


Check out this week’s video to find out:

– What is mindfulness

– Why it’s important for your creative genius 

– One simple thing you can do multiple times a day to become more mindful… btw, it may also help you lose weight… incase you have pizza problems like us 😉


Tune in ’til the end, we added something dreamy just for you! 




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