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What’s this whole “creativity” thing all about?

Have you been hearing a lot about Creativity lately? Maybe you’re wondering if you’re creative enough? Or, perhaps you’re worried that you’re not creative at all…

If you’ve been following leadership journals, blogs or even job searches, you might have noticed this sneaky little c-word showing up in the strangest of places. 

Can you guess what skill is the most sought after in today’s job market?Based on a 2019 job skills analysis conducted by LinkedIn, Creativity topped the list. In today’s changing workforce, process-driven jobs are slowly going by way of the rotary phone (that means they’re disappearing, kiddos). Being replaced with new tech, algorithms, and AI (artificial intelligence) *cue scary music. Basically, anything that can be automated is being automated. As such, there’s more and more demand for skills that are more, shall we say, human.

Creativity has been gaining popularity, especially in the business world.Creativity is one of those uniquely human skills. Our ability to dream, invent and solve problems through new ideas. That’s what separates us from the robots (for now at least ;).

So, just what is creativity?  Are you wondering now, how being able to draw or paint will save you from the robot take over? Okay, we kid. The robots aren’t coming for you… yet. But seriously, if you’re wondering what creativity has to do with improving your work and life, then you’re gonna want to check out this week’s #CollaboClip and discover just what creativity really is.  

Check out the video to find out if you’re creative in the “right” ways. Ahem… we not talking artistic talent here.  

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Thanks for watching. And remember, the only way to design a better world is together.

So, let’s design better together.

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