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What is Design Thinking?

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck trying to work out a problem? Or do you feel like it takes forever to get to a good solution that’ll work?   

If you work in the world of problems (which generally we all do 😉

Then you might have had those times where it seemed like it was taking forever to get traction on a solution. There were just so many moving parts and pieces to the problem that you couldn’t work it out. 

So, what do you do then? 

Most people tend to do research. Some might talk to someone, or just think really, REALLY hard about it. Maybe meditate. While those are all good ways to approach solving a problem, what if you just tried out a solution? Even if you don’t think the solution will fully work. 

Do something and you will learn something. 

This “do something” approach to problem solving, is really the popular concept of Design Thinking. 

Before jumping into today’s #CollaboClip about Design thinking, here’s a quick question for you, what was it like when you first learned to ride a bike? Not a fan of two wheels? Well, what about the time when you learned to swim?


Imagine… You might have been all excited. You chose your bike (or swimsuit). You got your gear on. You tested the seat (or water). Then you jumped on and rode (or swam) and… yikes! You had your first near-death experience (or was that just us?)


For sure you didn’t stop there. You tried it again, you adjusted, and again until you finally got it down flawless! After that, possibly you kept challenging yourself further… I’m standing up and riding! Look ma! No hands!!


The whole point is, you have been using Design Thinking all along!🤯mind-blown

If you’re familiar with that bike or swimming experience described above, then congratulations, you’re a design thinker. 


So, just what is Design Thinking? 

We promised we’d get to this topic in our previous video, “What The Heck Is Service Design” (didn’t see it? check it out! ). So, tada! Here it is.

Design Thinking is simply a process for creative action. That process is really driven by repeated action and reflection. Action and reflection. Action and reflection. Action and re.. well, you get the picture. 


So, how does this relate back to your business? Watch this week’s video and find out!

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Thanks for watching. And remember, the only way to design a better world is together.

So, let’s design better together.

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