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What Makes The Best Facilitator?

Your boss just told you that your team is gonna launch a new amazing product with an awesome new partner! Of course, you’re stoked.

New partnership, new product, new opportunities! Yes, I’ll have all of that please.

You start writing up your #lovemyjob post.  But then, you quickly realize that the timeline is way too short. There’s so much to plan out. You don’t know what new the product will actually look like and your boss didn’t give you all the details, so how are you gonna get everything fleshed out in such a short time frame?! All you were given was a rough idea and told to run with it. 

Aaah! What to do? Panic starts to set in.

You feel your chest tighten up and a rush of anxiety flows over you. It’s going to be impossible to launch this new product, with no budget and just a few months! How will everything get done in time?​

Is this situation a little too familiar?

Oftentimes we’re charged with developing something new. Whether it’s a new product, service or… (especially if you’re a leader) strategy. How do we get all our ideas out and move things along quickly and efficiently? 

Here’s a great way to get things moving

Get your team together, bring in a facilitator, and let the ideas flow. A facilitator’s role is to not get directly involved, but to guide the team through the process to help your team come to a desired outcome. Bringing in a third party to facilitate is important. You don’t want the facilitator to get caught up in the tiny details and delay the meeting. Their job is to keep things moving! With just one or two hour-long sessions, you can flesh out lots of ideas and get everyone on the same page with a game plan to move things forward. 

Check out this video to learn

-What is a facilitator?

-Tips and tricks on facilitation

-An example of how Collabo used OTF Facilitation to guide teams

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Thanks for watching. And remember, the only way to design a better world is together.

So, let’s design better together.

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