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What to do with data

Ever felt like you’re drowning in data? 

Seems like everything’s being tracked nowadays, from footsteps to net promoter scores. There’s an app and survey for everything so there’s definitely no shortage of data in today’s world.

So, just what do you do with all your data? 

Pile it away for a rainy day… by that we mean push out reports with charts and graphs that get briefly thrown across your leader’s desk on its way out to the recycle bin. 

All this make’s a gal wonder, “what’s the point?!” Why do we collect all this data? What’s it all for? Why a survey for this and an interview for that? How will all this data help us? 

Well, if you’ve been wondering about this #BigData problem too then you’ll want to check out this week’s #CollaboClip on all the data stuff. 

Check out this week’s video to learn about: 

• What qualitative and quantitative data is 

• Why you need to know the difference

• Why you need both kinds 

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