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Where Does Your Creativity Come From?

Where Does Your Creativity Come From?

Picture this: You’re bouncing ideas back and forth with your team when suddenly the ideas stop coming! Or you can’t get past ideas that have already be done. Or even worse, your team’s stuck in the same old thinking… Uh oh… 

It’s no surprise that Creativity is the top success factor for leaders and team members alike. 

If you watched Collabo Clip #8, you’re already in the know and kudos to you for tuning in! If you’re new-ish here, you may want to check out episode 8 to learn a little bit about what creativity is and see if you’re the “right” kind of creative. 


So, are you exercising your creative muscle on the daily? 

Even though we’re all creative, you can become better at it with intentional habits. It’s like any muscle or skill, if you don’t work it out the muscle will shrink and shrivel up. So be sure to work that creative muscle every day. 


Start by working it from the core!

Yes, working out your core is good for both your body and your creativity… Okay, okay, not the same “core.” We’re not talking about strengthening your torso muscles. But there is a core for creativity, and that’s the foundation for where your creativity comes from. 


Check out this week’s video to find out:

– Where creativity comes from 

– Simple things you can do to exercise your creative muscle

– Why the snooze button could be your new creativity bff. 


Check out this week’s #CollaboClips Episode where Terri shares some insights into where your creativity comes from and how you can exercise that creative muscle.

Also… if you tune in ’til the end, there just might be a surprise for you! ūüėČ


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So, let’s design better together.

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