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Why Marketing Insights Are Relevant for a Better Customer Experience?


Customer experience is essentially the impression your customers leave with after they interact with your business. The way you interact with them will influence how they perceive you as a brand and can act as a catalyst for future customer loyalty.

More so, statistics show that companies actively working on improving their customer experience have something to show for their efforts. An 84% increase in their revenue, 92% in customer loyalty, and 79% in cost savings.

Considering the times we live in today, these kinds of statistics cannot go overlooked. So, what can be done to ensure you have a customer experience set up for long-standing success? 

The first thing you can do is use the all-important data gathered from marketing insights and metrics. Use it to inform your data analysis and formulate a marketing campaign and service delivery aimed at resolving your target audience’s pain points.  

Let’s dive in further and see exactly what this is all about!

Use Customer Journey Analytics to Your Advantage

The first framework through which you can put data and marketing insights to good use is the tried and tested customer journey map.

Why is it so useful? Because it forces you to have a long hard look at your customers’ journey through your touchpoints from different angles. It essentially shows you the entire pathway a customer has to go through in order to resolve a specific goal. 

Developing a customer journey map will set you up to answer questions of strategic importance such as: 

  • What are my target audience’s motivations?

  • What do my customers actually need the most?

  • What are my customers’ pain points and can my company solve them?

This is all well and good but you might be asking yourself when do marketing insights actually come into play. Well, it comes down to the main requirement of designing a customer journey map. You’d have to go through all possible customer touchpoints to gather insights into your customer experience. 

This means that you can, for example, go through your social media platforms, website, product reviews, surveys, loyalty programs, and so on and end up with a handful of marketing insights all designed to help you answer one important question — where do my customers experience the most friction?

Armed with a strategic answer such as this one will allow you to satisfy any unmet needs and, ultimately, provide better customer experiences. 

Make Customer Journey Map Design Easy With Collabo XD

We hope that by now it is clear that designing a customer journey map can only help your business grow and better adapt to the needs of your customers.

However, we believe it is important to make one thing clear. Customer needs and expectations change over time. We’ve all witnessed this firsthand throughout the pandemic and rest assured that a shift in customer demands will happen again. 

So, designing a customer journey map once and just using it for years on end is not the right way to approach this. In an ideal world, you should design one every time there is a major shit in your market. Granted, if you do this through a consultancy firm might get you what you need but it will definitely come at a cost. 

What is the alternative then? Coming to one of our Journey Mapping Training workshops. We have sessions designed to suit all levels, from beginners all the way to advanced. 

One thing is for certain, once you go through one of our workshops, you’ll be best equipped to design a customer journey map on your own and make use of its all-important marketing insights in the process. 

The Use of Right-Time Marketing Insights  

Nowadays, marketers are blessed with the opportunity of being able to act immediately on discoveries from marketing campaigns through the use of right-time insights. Let’s put this in the context of a practical example. 

Let’s say you are running a marketing campaign through Facebook. Historically, your marketing team wouldn’t know how well your target audience responds to the campaign until the end. By then, if the campaign was a bust and engagements were down, it would have been too late for your team to course-correct anything. The end result? Significant funds were invested in a strategy that did not increase customer engagement and was a failure in terms of lead generation. 

With right-time insight marketing though, your team could get instant feedback on how well a campaign was performing. This means that they would be able to course correct it and amend any content that was underperforming thus achieving a better return on investment. 

More so, right-time insights can also be used as a way to gather live data from social media platforms. Through the use of, let’s say, social listening and brand reputation monitoring, your marketing team can easily observe what your target audience is talking about and pre-empt any needs they might have. 

Marketing Insights — The Catalyst to Successful Omni-channel Marketing 

Marketing insights through the use of key performance indicators such as trends in a company’s service logs or customer satisfaction scores can make the difference between sending out marketing messages that read the same for each market segment or developing a campaign run through smart personalization and targeting of the customer relationship.

Essentially, a customer experience built on marketing insights taken from the above metrics or even behavioral data gained from social media use can be important customer knowledge pillars.

At the end of the day, these are what will allow your company to efficiently hone in on your target audience and deliver the products, updates, and services they need through whichever channel they wish to consume this information. 

Persona Development With the Help of Collabo XD

One method to get a sense of your customers and make good use of the metrics we covered earlier is to implement the persona development technique. 

At Collabo XD, we can do this for you. We believe that just by looking at demographics, you can glean only so much insight from them. They can indeed provide useful information about a specific customer segment. However, it’s only once you start developing a customer persona, that you get to what really makes your target audience tick. 

Using this technique in combination with the marketing insights you have collected, you’ll be able to build an information-rich story about the beliefs, lives, and thoughts of your customers. Such a deep understanding of what makes your target audience tick will allow you to design a customer experience tailor-made for your customer segment. 

Final Words  

The issues covered in this article might not be totally brand new information to you but they represent the type of details you can easily overlook and not put into practice when needed. 

After all, business insights meaning detailed information from marketing data and metrics, are there to guide you through the nitty gritty process of actually giving customers the experience they want. 

Armed with a clear marketing insights definition there is no reason for you not to propel your service delivery to new heights. 

More so, if you do get stuck in the process, a helping hand is only a contact form away. Let us know how we can help!  



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