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Why Service Design

Why Service Design is SO important for your business

Do you ever find yourself going to the same store over and over?… When there’s literally, millions of other stores you could go to? 

Or, do buy a certain product from a specific company over other companies?… (ahem, Apple) Yeah? You too? 

Ever wonder why you become a loyal customer to one place rather than another? Where and how do you form these preferences? 


If you’re like us, you probably prefer to frequent the places that you enjoy or identify with. Oftentimes, this is highly impacted by the experiences you’ve had there.

When you enjoy an experience, you want to go back and have that experience again. Or, work with that person again. Or, use that thing again. Or… you get the picture.  

Moreover, you might even tell your friends about the amazingly awesome, [fill in the blank] that you had with [fill in the blank]. Perhaps, you’re also the social media type, and so, of course you make a post or share a live video!

Now, imagine how this kind of word-of-mouth marketing would impact your business…


On the flip side, if you’ve had a “not so great” experience at a place, working with a person, or using a thing… you probably don’t have an urge to do that again. And, let’s be honest… you’re only gonna do it if you’re forced to. 


Because nobody really wants to go back to a bad experience.


So, how do you you make sure that your business is building loyalty? 

Well, say hello to your good ol’ friend, Service Design!

Check out this week’s #CollaboClip to find out more about what makes up an experience and why you might need some service design in your life. 


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Thanks for watching. And remember, the only way to design a better world is together.

So, let’s design better together.

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