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Why we changed our name to Collabo XD


It’s time to address the elephant in the room: Collabo Creative is now Collabo XD.

What’s changing?

Apart from our name, not much.

  • We still have an unwavering commitment to creating remarkable employee and customer experiences.
  • We still provide the best design thinking consulting services in the region.
  • And we still stand by our commitment to thoughtful, principled business.

The story

Since our founding in 2012, the broader understanding of change and experience management has gained in popularity.

Design Thinking and Human Centered Design were not very well known – especially in business.

So we had to choose a descriptive name – core to how we worked with our clients like Indiana University, the Red Cross and Cummins.

Collabo (short for collaboration) and Creative are still our MO. They’re woven into our core values, processes and daily operations – along with how we work with you, of course.

That’s not just our intuition: Every day, we hear from successful projects how fun, friendly and fiercely creative our team is.

Over the years, we’ve supported more leaders, prestigious institutions and people-first organizations in understanding the people they serve. How? Through active collaboration and leveraging creativity to solve huge problems. To create better experiences with them – rather than for them.

This is Experience Design.

Today, our understanding of Experience Design is growing. Our society has realized we live, work and play in an Experience economy.

This is what we believe more than anything: The way a person feels when they interact with an organization, individual or product is a strong determining factor in how they make decisions.

We’ve believed this to be true since our very beginning. And for over a decade, we’ve aimed to help teams create better experiences for their employees and customers.

And it’s also why we changed our name.

And I got tired of being mistaken for a marketing or graphic design company.



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