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Workshops & Training


Helping your team grow together

Staying competitive requires not only a skilled workforce but also a commitment to continuous learning and growth. We provide a variety of workshops and training solutions aimed at arming your team with the knowledge and competencies necessary to address any challenge you may encounter.


What we can do for you


Our workshops are designed to inspire, educate, and empower your team. Through interactive sessions led by industry experts, we cover a wide range of topics to enhance your skills and knowledge. Whether you’re looking to boost creativity, improve collaboration, or master specific tools and techniques, our workshops offer practical solutions that drive immediate results.


  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Journey Mapping Workshops
  • Design Sprints
Curriculum Development

Crafting a well-structured curriculum is crucial for effective learning and development. Our curriculum development service is tailored to your organization’s unique needs. We work closely with you to design comprehensive, outcome-driven curricula that align with your goals. From defining learning objectives to creating engaging content, our experts ensure your curriculum maximizes the potential of your educational programs.


  • Tailor-made curriculum to meet specific educational goals.
  • Ensure alignment with defined learning objectives.
  • Develop captivating and interactive learning materials.
Collabo Creative Design Thinking & Service Design
Design Audits and Mentoring

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  • Comprehensive Research Design
  • Methodology Selection
  • Data Collection Planning



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